Thursday, March 11


I've been busy collecting ink/paper/envelopes/etc and making designs, so I haven't really ramped up my blogging yet. I have two projects that I want to print in the next week: one very simple to get the press and myself warmed up, and the other more of a challenge.
Here's a peek at the first project. A simple "thank you" card. I hand-carved the design into a 3x2" linoleum block (hopefully for a rustic, and not just messy feel)...

And the other is the spring-inspired card I'll be sending out to many of you. I made the design in Illustrator, asked Nate to write a poem for me to center it around, and sent off my digital files to Owosso Graphics who made me a magnesium die mounted on a wood block. It's going to be two colors, so I had two different 6x4" dies cast. This one should be very crisp and detailed when printed, if I do everything right!

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