Sunday, February 7


Just a reminder of how long letterpress printing techniques have been around and how commonplace they once were:
Several phrases we still commonly use today (ok, well maybe not all of us, but I know you've at least heard your parents say them!) are drawn from the world of letterpress.
It has always been a challenging skill for printers to find and then place the tiny lead letters into the right order and get them set up to print. Because you must read the letters backwards and place them in reverse order, there is an added element of concentration needed for such tricky letters and numbers as d/b, n/u, 9/6 and p/q. SO, this is the origin of the phrase "mind your 'p's and 'q's." :)
Another one I found: Sorts are the individual lead letters and figures kept in a case for use when handsetting type. You get more of certain letters that are most frequently used. SO, when a typographer ran out of 'e's for example, it was said they were "out of sorts."

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