Monday, July 26


This is the first project with my photopolymer plates, so it's a real work-in-progress. I'm 80% happy with where I'm at now, but I hope one more attempt will get me to 100%... My original thought on this project was to make a deep impression of wood grain texture on the paper (with no ink, similar to an emboss, but without as much show-through on the other side). But I was having a real problem with getting the amount of pressure that I wanted and was not getting much of an impression in the paper, at all. I knew my paper wasn't the issue (Crane Lettra 110lb), because I've seen plenty of projects done using this paper and showing an impression. I thought it might be the amount of paper I had backed behind my print paper, but I added more, and still nothing. I gave up on this idea, to avoid getting frustrated with my new hobby... Improvising, I printed the wood texture with a really light tint of ink and moved on to the printing of the content. I ran into a similar problem here, where I wasn't getting a full and rich hit of ink on each print... Close, but not quite there. So I added more ink, but this was not the problem.
With a clear head this morning, I am now guessing that my eyes were larger than my Boxcar base (if that makes any sense). I was trying to print the cards 3-up per print, to save myself some time, but I think that was what was causing all the time I spent trouble-shooting. There was too much surface area on the plate that I wanted to print, and it was extending all the way out to the edge of the chase. I think I will try again tonight by just printing one card at a time and see if I get better results. Stay posted on if I get any better results...

Here's what the photopolymer looked like while stuck on the base in the chase, ready to get inked up. I'm thinking it's definitely too much surface area I'm wanting to print on too small of a base, so I will cut up the plate and see how that goes.

Close-up, so you can see the height of the plate and how detailed it can get with that small type!

Here's the final card, where it is at now. The wood-grain pattern is a little TOO subtle in the background and the black content is not as solid as I would like. So I will keep trying...

Here's an idea my client, aka "Dad," came up with... I bought a few sheets of balsa wood in different weights at the craft store and printed directly on that. These turned out the best of anything I did in that printing session. The black printing came out very rich, and they were easy to cut with an exact-o knife. I also decided to round the corners on these ones for a more polished look.


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