Monday, March 29


I set up and printed my first big project today, after the warm-up of the Thank You card. It's a spring card I designed in Illustrator. To make it a two color print, I had two magnesium print plates created. Here's a step-by-step in pictures:

Locking up the first magnesium plate into the chase. It's a 8x5" chase, and my card design was 6x4", so I only needed a little bit of furniture and the metal lock-up bars, which I could screw into.

Mixing up the inks was more challenging than I anticipated. Such a small amount of color goes a very long way. Something I need to keep mindful of in the future.

Applying the ink to the plate.

All inked up after many many cranks on the lever... I'm going to get a very strong left arm!

Chase in place, getting inked up by the rollers. Paper laying in gauge pins ready to get printed.

Second plate/color all ready to go.

I even printed my return address on the flap of all the envelopes. :)

Finished cards all ready to mail!


  1. That looks great! What a fun project you've undertaken here!

  2. You ROCK, Taylor! Really looking forward to seeing more of your work.